You want to know which airplanes are up in the sky right now? Or do you want to track a specific flight and get information about the flight status? Online flight tracker makes it easy to monitor all public flights live around the globe. Whether you want to track a domestic flight or locating an aircraft – flight tracking applicartions like Flightradar24 and Flightaware make it easy to find out all the flight information you need to know.
Track your flight live on the real-time flight radar map and be always up-to-date about the current flight status of any flight. Flightradar shows you the exact position of an airplane: worldwide, live and for free. Track any flight from start till landing and watch all the traffic above the clouds.

We explain you the flight tracking tools like Flightradar24 and give you an overview about how to track a flight and watch all flight movements on any device.

Monitor flights all around the world live and for free

Traveling to new places for a holiday, work or other purposes is increasing year after year. Flying is one of the shortest and most comfortable ways to reach our destination. As a result, the traffic in the air becomes nearly as crowded as on highways. As a precaution, we all use to plan our trip and get as much information as possible. To facilitate our flight or someone else’s flight, tracking a flight provides us with all the information we need to know – such as flight routes, the position of an aircraft, airport information, departure and arrival times and many more details.

Live flight radar tools allow you to be up-to-date about the flight status and airport information. This is, for example, very useful when you need to catch a connecting flight on time, trying to find out the flight status and want to know if a flight has been delayed or canceled. Moreover, when you want to collect someone from the airport, flight tracking tools show you helpful details to make your pick up run smoothly and on time. The great thing about free live radar tracker is, that you can find out vital airport and flight information on any device whenever you need it.


Track a flight in real-time: How it works

With Flightradar you can monitor all current flights live – from start till landing. Just click on an airplane on the map or search a specific flight by entering the flight number. Whether you want to track a commercial flight, the flight of a specific airline or a private jet – Flightradar Live provides you with all the information to track a flight. Receive useful flight information like the current flight status and be always up-to-date about any flight up in the sky. By clicking on an airplane in the live radar map you get free information about the current position of an aircraft, the exact flight route, the average travel time and many more interesting facts.

Flight trackers rely on the so-called ADS-B technology (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) which collects the live position and movements of an aircraft – such as speed, altitude and many more details. Flightradar24, Radarbox 24 and many other flight-trackers have a worldwide network of receivers to collect all those data which you can see when you monitor a flight when using the live flight radar. Each of those receivers consist of an ADS-B frequency antenna, a little computer and a GPS antenna. Right now there are more than 16,000 ADS-receivers of Flightradar24 all around the world. The nearly global coverage makes it possible to track most of the flights in real-time. To protect privacy or operational security you can not see private jet operators and military aircrafts. These aircrafts have their details censored or removed from the database. That’s why it is not possible to see an Air Force One or a presidential flight on the flight radar.

Useful information for tracking a flight

Flightradar24: Live flight tracking on the map

Use the real-time flight map to track any flight. Just click on an airplane on the map, navigate around the map and zoom in and out to see all the current air traffic around the world. Select an aircraft by clicking on the airplane symbol or select an airport in the live flight radar.

Track a flight by using a flight number

If you want to track a specific flight you can fill in your flight number in the search field. Simply click on the flight in the flight list and you are ready to track the flight in real-time with all the flight information you need to know.

Tracking a flight is very simple. To search a flight on the live flight radar tracker you just need one of the following information about the flight you want to monitor:

Airline: By entering the airline details on flight tracker applications like Flightradar24, FlightAware or RadarBox24 you will receive all the details about your flight and get the exact position of the aircraft on the live radar map.

Date: You can also filter flights of a specific date. This is very helpful if you want to see flights from the past.

Route: This allows you to see all the flights of the desired route.

Aircraft registration: The aircraft registration is a unique code of an airplane. By entering the registration number you get the exact information about the flights of a specific aircraft.

Airport code: The airport code, also known as IATA, identifies an airport. By entering the IATA you will get all the information related to a specific airport.

Keep track of any flight

Track any flight and check the current flight status for flight arrivals and departures. With flight radar you are always well informed about any flight, the actual flight position and many more useful facts. Track an Emirates flight live or any other airline like FlyDubai, Air Arabia, Ethihad Airways, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France and Singapore Airlines. The real-time flight radar makes it possible to track all flights around the globe. Whether you want to track a flight over Europe, the USA, the UAE, Saudi Arabia or over the Atlantic – with the free online flight tracker you are always well informed about the current air traffic above your country.

Live flight tracking applications let you easily find out all the details and information you need to know. Flightradar24 and many other flight radar websites gives you the following information:

  • if a flight has arrived
  • the take-off of an aircraft
  • the exact location of an aircraft in real time
  • the speed of an aircraft
  • altitude
  • the flight route
  • gate assignments and changes
  • delay statistics
  • weather conditions
  • the average travel time
  • information about the airline
  • the aircraft type

Flight Radar UAE: Track flights around Dubai and Abu Dhabi

You wanna know which flights are flying to Dubai right now? Or are you interested about the air traffic above Abu Dhabi? Flightradar shows you all flights flying to Dubai and Abu Dhabi or starting from Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport and all other airports in the UAE.
Just click on the flight radar map and navigate to the airport of your choice or watch the air traffic above the United Arab Emirates with the live flight tracker. See all Emirates flights, flights from FlyDubai and many other airlines flying over Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

UAE airlines you can track

Flight Radar Saudi Arabia: Track flights around Riyadh, Jeddah, Mekka & Medina

With Flightradar you can track all flights in Saudi Arabia. Monitor flights around Riyadh, Jeddah and any other city in Saudi Arabia. Check the current flight status of Saudi Arabian airlines like Saudi or Flynas and receive useful information about flight departures, flight arrivals and delays of any flight across the country. Track a flight live on the flight radar map from start till landing and be always informed about the exact flight position.

Saudi Arabian airlines you can track

  • Saudia
  • Flynas
  • Flyadeal
  • Nesma Airlines

Look up any flight in the world and track an airplane live on the real time flight tracker map

Start tracking your flight now with the live flight radar. Navigate on the flight map, click on an airplane and follow your flight from departure till landing. Receive real-time flight information and be always up-to-date about the current status of the selected flight.